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This is an exciting time! The next steps are intended to make your Home Mortgage Journey run smoothly. The next step, if you haven’t already, is to apply with IH Mortgage for your mortgage loan.


Whether you are buying a completed Impression Home or building one from ground up, our knowledgeable team of mortgage professionals will guide you through your home mortgage journey.

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Why Choose IH Mortgage?

Created to align the world class customer service experienced when buying an Impression Home, IH Mortgage offers unmatched service, experienced loan professionals familiar with Impression Homes and market competitive rates and fees. Learn More

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Connect With Us

With our convenient offices, flexible schedules, and our team of mortgage professionals in the field, we are ready to lead you through your borrowing options to find the best fit for you. Find our Team

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Ready, Set, APPLY!

Now that you have chosen Impression Homes, use our simple online application tool to get financing started today! Apply Now

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